Date: 10-24 September 2022.
734 km, 10,000 + D in 14 Stages crossing 83 countries

Complete tour of Sicily, along the coasts and the most beautiful and evocative towns.
A tour in history, beauty and with a deep dive into the past through the present.

The purpose of the event is to spread the culture of the Ultramarathon, to experience a moment of
aggregation of international athletes who have the same passion, visit and enjoy Sicily.

– Organizing Committee: Atletica Licata (for information, results, complaints, etc.).
– Website:
– Patronage: Sicilian Region
– Patronage of the Municipality of Gela.
– Patronage of the Municipalities of; Licata, Riposto, Giardini Naxos, Falcone, Capo d’Orlando, Alcamo, Torretta
– Organizing company: Atletica Licata
– President: Vincenzo La Cognata. Mail:; Telephone +39 3939561553
– Technical Director: Antonio Tallarita e-mail: info @ ultrasicilytour;; cell +39 389 012 6965
– Survey and data processing with route detector via GPS or alternative system
– Assistance Manager: Gabriella Arecco cell +39 3389725833
– Public Relations: Cinzia Scivoletto cell +393298113380

The SICILY ULTRA TOUR is a free run of 14 stages, to be carried out with daily stages with an average distance of 5 km. The
route is about 750 km long with a total altitude of 10,000 m + D.
The route is all on an asphalted road. Where possible, the route runs along alternative roads to the State Roads (SS) and to
Provincial roads (SP).
The route runs for many kilometers along the Sicilian coast, crossing 83 between towns and cities.
The route, in addition to touching the 3 extremities of Sicily (Trinacria), crosses many of the most beautiful and evocative towns on the island.
In the stages in which the departure is scheduled from a place other than the starting point of the previous stage, the transfer will be made by car. The transfer can be done on the evening of arrival of the stage or on the morning of the stage itself. The choice depends on the importance of tourism and the beauty of the place.
During the 14 days of the 14 stages, food and accommodation are made available by the Organization, both for athletes and for regularly enrolled assistants / supporters. The Organization guarantees sufficient food and drink to deal with each single stage. Those who want foods other than those made available by the Organization must communicate it at least with a day in advance and the cost will be borne by those who request it.
Between one stage and the next, the athletes and assistants / supporters, where possible, will sleep in 3/4-star hotels. Alternatively, if closer to the place where the stage ends, hospitality will be in a high-level B&B. Hospitality is provided in double rooms.
Those who want a single room will have to pay a surcharge of the registration fee of € 400.
To participate in the ULTRA SICILY TOUR, or in one or more of the 14 scheduled stages, the athlete must have the right requirements technicians and physicists.
The presentation of a Sports Medical Certificate valid on the date of the event is mandatory. The Organization reserves the right to exclude, without further justification, participants who are not eligible to participate in this event.
The single stage or the entire event can be canceled upon the occurrence of natural disasters or events deemed justifying by part of the Organization.
In the event of cancellation of the Event, the Organization undertakes to share, equally with all the athletes, everything what he manages to recover from any economic commitments that occurred in advance, for example, the purchase of t-shirts and prizes,
Hotel and restaurant reservations and service cars, beverages, first aid medicines, etc …
ADDITIONAL NOTE: The departures of the stages are within important tourist cities. Where possible the path
it is of a landscape, historical type. For safety reasons, the crossing of the city of departure will be done in groups. Gone out from the city each athlete will be able to run at the pace that he deems most appropriate and suited to his goal.

Participants and assistants / supporters are required to read and respect the ULTRA SICILY TOUR regulations.
The Organization will always rely on the following regulation.
Changes to the articles are only possible by the Organization and must be accepted by all athletes and
assistants / supporters.
By registering for the ULTRA SICILY TOUR, the participant frees the Organizer from liability for any damage personal and material of any kind, including loss and / or damage to valuables or not.
After receiving the information of the correct registration, it remains the responsibility of the athlete to make sure that he and his assistants / supporters are suitable to face an event such as that of the ULTRA SICILY TOUR.
The Organization expressly recommends the athlete to carry out a med survey ica preliminary to clarify any risks for health and obtain personal insurance that protects him from any negative events.
Anything NOT provided for by the Organization, before, during and after each stage, regarding assistance, nutrition,
therapies, etc., is the responsibility of the applicant himself.
The participant agrees that all data referring to his application form can be used without requests for
compensation from him. This also applies to anything done in connection with participation such as photos, videos,
radio interviews, television, advertisements, books and photographic copies.
Since the restaurants for the dinners at the end of each stage will be chosen at the end of August, to the athletes who have particular dietary needs, please report them at the time of registration or before and no later than 22 August 2021.
The dinner after each stage consists of: a first course of pasta or rice, a second course of meat (where possible fish), one or more vegetable side dishes, a dessert and drinks. Wine and spirits are excluded.
What is stated in the following regulation is valid, in all respects, for all athletes – assistants – accompanying persons.
Article 4 a – In order to guarantee correct assistance, the minimum participation in the Sicily Ultra Tour is 5 stages
consecutive. Participants of at least 5 will be accompanied to the nearest train or bus station e not at the airport.

Article 5 – ROUTE
The event will take place along traffic-free municipal and provincial roads. This means car traffic of cars, trucks, motorcycles and any other vehicle is not blocked but of free circulation.
During the race it is mandatory to respect the highway code and, for anything not foreseen, to follow the “rules of common sense” and the “good family man”. First of all, pay attention to yourself.
The ULTRA SICILY TOUR route is not approved by any Federation or Race Judges, but has been calculated
The route may undergo some changes in the event that the transit and / or arrival permits do not arrive in the
Archaeological parks of some stages.
The real length of the course will then be measured / confirmed and possibly officially corrected by the athletes
(controlled with GPS detectors or similar) which will have to follow the route already planned for each of the 14 stages.

– 9 September at 6.00 pm: ULTRA SICILY TOUR center opening, at the Palazzo di Città di Gela in Piazza San Francis.
– 9 September 19.00: athletes presentation.
– 9 September at 20.00: dinner
-10 September at 8.00: ULTRA SICILY TOUR departure from the Archaeological Park (Mura Timoleontee) of Gela.
– Overall duration of the event: 14 days
– Departure of each single stage at 8:00.
– Maximum time allowed for each stage: 10 hours (see exceptions / modification of the maximum time in article 14).
– 8.00 pm each day: dinner.
– There is no award ceremony for each single stage. Final award ceremony only for those taking part in the Sicily ultra Tour
complete or at least 5 stages ..
– 24 September at 9.00 pm: award ceremony for all the ULTRA SICILY TOUR Finisher athletes and Closing Ceremony
with a Grand Gala dinner in the presence of the Authorities.

The ULTRA SICILY TOUR is a moment of international sharing of passion for running accompanied by a lot desire to do tourism.
To ensure proper assistance, participation in the 2022 edition is limited to the first 20 members.
Participation is open to all athletes, Italians, foreigners who have reached the age of 18 and who meet the requirements requirements of this regulation.
To register, the potential participant must pre-register by sending a e-mail to info @ ultrasicilytour attaching the registration form complete in all its parts, a copy of the payment of € 250 as an advance and a copy of the medical certificate valid until at least 24 September 2022 at 11.59 pm.
Registration will be considered complete when the Organization receives the payment of the entire fee scheduled on the date of
payment (see Article 8).

Participants in the ULTRA SICILY TOUR
There are three different ways of participating in the ULTRA SICILY TOUR.
The cost of participation depends on the period in which the registration will be made.
The initial cost of participation, expected until Sunday 5 July at 11.59 pm, is:
1) Registration for the race with assistance along the stages, dinners and hotel cost € 1,400
2) Registration for the race with assistance along the stages, no dinner and no hotel cost € 500
Depending on the registration date, the following increases are foreseen:
– a) Until 24 July at 11.59 pm registration fees go up to € 1,530 and € 650 respectively.
– b) Until 17 August 11.59 pm Registration fees go up to € 1,700 and € 750 respectively
– c) Registration closes on August 17th at 11.59 pm.
For participants in the ULTRA SICILY TOUR the payment of the fee to complete the total value must be
performed no later than the dates set for the various deadlines.
Participants in AT LEAST 5 STAGES
To ensure proper assistance, participation is limited to the first 20 members.
– a) Until 6 July registration fee € 40 € per stage plus € 100 for overnight stays (single room) and dinner.
– b) Until July 24 registration fee € 50 € per stage plus € 100 for the days of accommodation (single room) and dinner
– c) Until 17 August registration fee € 60 per stage plus € 100 for the days of accommodation (single room) and dinner
Registration closes on August 17th at 11.59 pm.
For participants in at least 5 stages, payment must be total and must be made upon registration.
The value of the payment must meet the period for which that value is expected.
For any choice, the payment of the registration fee must be made to a bank account at Banca Credem:
IBAN IT 25 S 0303 2128 100 1000 000 2787 BIC code BACRIT21059 in the name of Antonio Tallarita, via J. F. Kennedy 25,
Reggio Emilia, Italy
In case of renunciation of participation, a partial refund is foreseen which is a function of the cancellation date (see Article 9).

In the event that an athlete renounces the participation, the economic value paid, up to the moment of renouncement, will be
partially refunded as reported below. Precisely:
– Withdrawal by 6 July at 11.59 pm 50% of the amount paid
– Withdrawal by July 24 at 11.59 pm 35% of the amount paid
– Waiver after 17 August at 11.59 pm 20% of the paid amount

The race pack will be distributed at the Town Hall of the Municipality of Gela (Piazza San Francesco) until 8.00 pm day 3 September.
The race pack contains:
– Bib number.
– Technical t-shirt with the ULTRA SICILY TOUR logo.
– Any gadgets if available
The race pack can be collected the night before at the meeting point of the Organization and the athletes (Hotel) starting at 20.00 to 22.00. Alternatively, in the morning of the stage up to 30 minutes before departure.
The race pack contains:
– Bib number
– Technical t-shirt with the ULTRA SICILY TOUR logo.
– Any gadgets if available

The daily results will be posted on a blackboard immediately upon the arrival of the participants. Every day it will be
carried out the classification of the single stage and the general classification. The stage classification is made by measuring the time in
hours, minutes and seconds used for each single stage, while the general classification will be drawn up by making the cumulative of the
time taken in the previous stages.
The final general classification will be posted on the website www.ultrasicilytour no later than 2 weeks after the end of the ULTRA SICILY TOUR.
The survey and data processing will be carried out via GPS or similar devices taking time into consideration
used to conclude the single stage.

Article 12 – AWARDS
– Participants in the ULTRA SICILY TOUR
For the participants in the ULTRA SICILY TOUR, the award ceremony for the first absolute for the single stage is foreseen if the participants are more than 5 athletes.
The final ranking will be awarded for the top 3 male and female absolute.
There is no award ceremony by category.
For all the Finisher of the ULTRA SICILY TOUR there is a T-shirt with the Finisher inscription.
– Participants in AT LEAST 5 STAGE
The athlete will not be included in the final ranking and will be the Finisher of the Sicily Ultra Tour event.
There is a special prize at the end of the stages in which he participated

All competitors, for the entire duration of participation in the event, are required to wear decent clothing and the bibs clearly visible in order to facilitate the reading of the number during the mobile checks by the side of the Organization.
Athletes are obliged to return the material made available and / or borrowed.
Undelivered material will be charged to the athlete.
In order to guarantee any immediate help, each athlete must carry a mobile phone and communicate to the Organization an alternative mobile number that allows the Organization to guarantee immediate rescue.
Giving a mobile phone number to the Organization is mandatory as it allows you to monitor the place where you are find and report any problems or other.
The Participant must adhere to the prescribed course. A detour of the route for your own benefit results in your own disqualification.
A participant who, by mistake, deviates from the obligatory route must go back and start over from the point where the deviation began (approximately). There is no recovery / bonus for any additional path made due to the deviation.
The Organization reserves the right to change the route at any time if this is necessary from the point of view security.
In order to guarantee one’s own and others’ safety, it is forbidden to run or walk in double rows.
During individual competitions and during the rest time it is absolutely forbidden to use and / or inject illegal substances (including intravenously). Should this happen, the athlete will be immediately suspended.
The Organization believes that being disqualified for any form of impropriety is a personal shame it does not do good for neither the person nor the environment of the Ultramarathon.
It is allowed to change clothes during the event, with the obligation to keep the bib number clearly displayed.
Being a free run on the road with some moments of heavy traffic or with high speed cars it is mandatory to wear lights and / or reflective components.
During some stages you will cross road tunnels with reduced visibility.
In case of an athlete’s illness, in the absence of a doctor who follows the entire event, each athlete assumes the responsibility or less to continue the race.
The Organization assumes no responsibility for any non-positive event.
It is advisable to take personal insurance to protect yourself from any non-positive event of any kind.

The maximum time for each single stage is 10 hours. .
The maximum time may be modified according to any climatic or route conditions. The eventual
variation of the maximum time foreseen will be communicated before the departure of each single stage. In extreme cases, if the
conditions will not be foreseeable during the course of the stage itself, the stage may be anticipated, postponed or

It is up to each participant to decide what equipment to bring with them. However it must be considered that a car in
media will follow 3 athletes and therefore the space made available is not infinite. No more than 3 (three) can be carried
luggage. The 3 (three) bags must not exceed the total weight of 30 kg (thirty kg). The total weight also includes
any personal food and drink, accessories and equipment useful for completing the competition (e.g. backpack,
bottles, mobile phone charger, shoes, sandals, etc.)
To facilitate the task for the assistants, the Organization advises to clearly separate the used clothing from
clothing to be used and clothing to be used during and after the stage.

The Organization provides basic medical assistance, equipping itself with the necessary material for first aid.
Each athlete must organize himself in such a way as to be self-sufficient.
In case of need, the Organization makes itself available trying to satisfy any need, but it is not obliged
to do it.
Ointments and bandages and other required and necessary material, if purchased, is the responsibility of the requesting athlete.

Participation is at your own risk for the athlete and for his assistants and any of his declared supporters e
regularly registered.
The Organization will not provide any civil and / or criminal liability insurance.
Each participant is asked to take out a private insurance that gives the guarantees of intervention in the event of an accident,
accidents or the need for assistance of any kind.
Each athlete participates with the awareness of all possible risks.
In the event of an accident, temporary or permanent injury or illness in any form and intensity, caused by exertion
due to participation in the Event and / or factors external to the Event itself, the Organization does not assume any

Each athlete with their regularly declared supporters / assistants, choosing to participate in the ULTRA SICILY TOUR has
chosen to assume all the necessary and useful responsibilities to free the Organization from any request for damages for
made successes before, during and after the Event.
For this reason, each athlete, before the start of the entire event or single stage, having chosen to participate on their own
will, must sign the Indemnity Waiver and Release of Liability Form (without which the participant
cannot participate) with which he assumes total responsibility onany damage to health and any damage to property
such as own car, luggage, clothing and material of any type, shape, size and value.

It is considered a serious violation if a participant travels differently than on their own feet.
It is absolutely forbidden to use cars or bicycles or roller skates or shoes, use of Nordic Walking sticks and so on
help to speed up or lighten the ride.
Should this happen, the athlete will be immediately suspended.

If a participant decides to abandon the Event he must immediately report it to the Organization. The athlete who decides
to withdraw from the Event will be accompanied, as soon as possible, to the closing point of the current stage. If the athlete decides
not to continue and to return home will be accompanied to the nearest Railway Station or Bus Station.
The Organization assumes no responsibility for any choice of type and times of transport.
Once accompanied to the nearest place, it is the athlete’s responsibility to decide how to move.
In case of withdrawal, the missing stages or part of the registration fee will not be refunded in any way. Alternatively,
the athlete can decide to restart after one or more rest stops or continue to follow the ULTRA SICILY TOUR from
visitor or supporter. In the event of withdrawal, the athlete is not considered a Finisher and as such will not receive any

During the Event, athletes must strictly follow the route indicated by the Organizers. Along the way
the Organization will provide solid and liquid food through mobile assistance, guaranteeing a single supply within
an interval between 5 km and 10 km from the last refreshment made.
The refreshment points are of the mobile type, that is, through the car that will be along the route trying to give maximum assistance
possible to a group of athletes no more than 5 km away from each other.
The Organization reserves the right to reduce or increase the distance between one refreshment and the next and / or to carry out further refreshments
with vehicles traveling along the route as needed.

Personal supplies are allowed and must be delivered to the Organization no later than 7.30 on
morning of each individual stage, or at least 30 minutes before the start of the stage itself.
Personal assistance is allowed with cars, campers, motorcycles, bicycles, etc. which can provide the athlete with solid and liquid food.

In the event that the athlete is assisted by their own vehicle (car, camper, caravan, motorbike, bicycle, etc.)
the Organization assumes no responsibility, both in the event of damage to third parties and / or property, and in the event of a breakdown
of the vehicle with related consequential damages. So in case of any kind of problem the owner of the vehicle
he will have to manage himself.
If the athlete is left without assistance, the Organization takes care of assisting him for the remaining km at the end of the stage.

Starting from 9 September (Event check-in) and until 24 September (Event check-out at 22.00) the Organization will
takes care of the hospitality of athletes who have chosen full registration (see article 14) in a 3/4 star hotel or
in high-level B & Bs and restaurants with international cuisine.
Hospitality in the hotel is provided in a double room.
If the athlete wants a single room, a supplement of the registration fee of € 400 will be required.
The restaurants, where dinner is scheduled at the end of the stage, will be as close as possible to the hotel and will be chosen for their cuisine
traditional Sicilian with hints of internationality.
Athletes who have special dietary needs (vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free foods, etc.) must inform
the Organization upon registration. In case of lack of advance information, the Organization will try to satisfy
the needs required but is not obliged to do so. Any requests must be communicated at least 24 hours in advance.
Daily requests will not be taken into consideration at all.

Every day will be carried out n. 2 short briefings.
The first briefing at 07.30, i.e. before the start of the stage and during breakfast. It is meant to give information on the stage and on the problems of the route and any new communications.
The second briefing at 21.00 aims to gather information on any problems encountered during the stage and collect suggestions for improvement that allow the Organization to improve itself to satisfy the most possible the needs of all atleti.

In the event that a participant believes they have been harmed and considers making a claim, it
must be presented on a specific form made available to the Organization, no later than 30 minutes from the end
of the single stage race. Complaints may concern both misconduct occurring in the race and attitudes or phrases or
insults or anything else that damages the image of both the event and the athlete who feels damaged.
The Organization, having analyzed the complaint, after consulting with whoever it deems appropriate, will communicate the decision within and
no later than one hour from the submission of the complaint.
The Organisation’s decision is final.

The Organization believes that sharing Ultramarathon experiences is first of all a challenge with oneself and
a way to get to know each other and overcome one’s limits. They are very hard and difficult races as the variables are so many that
only experience can help to understand, interpret and deal with them. This is why the participants in an Ultramarathon are not
opponents but travel companions who help each other to complete the undertaking they are facing. AND’
therefore it is essential to be honest with yourself, respectful and honest towards your travel companions. Usually in the
Ultramaratone, even if you don’t know each other, you help each other as you do between real and old friends. Help the travel companion ad
arriving is an act that makes us proud. It is therefore advisable to participate in this event with the intention of being proud of having
shared a unique and beautiful experience with other people. This is the only way to become true Ultramarathon runners.
The first goal of the Organization is to support the athlete and allow him to conclude and bring home this
experience. For this reason, the Organization asks all athletes who find themselves in difficulty or uncomfortable during one or
several stages of confronting openly and with serenity with the Organization.
The more participating athletes complete this experience, the happier and more proud the Organizers will be.

Article 29 – IMAGE RIGHTS
Each competitor expressly renounces to make use of image rights during the event, as well as renounces any
appeal against the organization and its authorized partners for the use made of the athlete’s image.

Each participant is invited to present their own personal and sporting curriculum so that any journalists present
on site (radio, TV and newspapers) can be informed of the characteristics of the participants.
Please attach a sports photo to your sports CV and vitae.

The Organization always has the last word in deciding a dispute and on any event that requires a decision